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Every event at Georgia Tech should be exceptional. The Office of Special Events & Protocol within Institute Communications is responsible for helping you create your memorable event by providing consultation, tools, resources, and guidelines necessary for success.

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Living in Atlanta is fun…and busy. As you all know, there can be lots of things to do, events, and festivals in a weekend. Sometimes, our campus can feel like a little bubble inside the bustling city; however, as an event planner, it is worthwhile knowing what is going on inside the city, especially if your guests need hotel rooms or transportation.

As the economy picks up, hoteliers and event venues are predicting a busy year for 2016. Below are some dates that may be considered high demand (i.e., high rates or no availability) due to events occurring in Atlanta:

Working on a fixed, oftentimes minimal budget, we all know what it takes to stretch a buck while planning an event. These four tips work equally well across the spectrum of events on campus, whether you’re planning a lunch meeting for eight guests or a fundraising event for 200 guests. 


1.Work with internal resources, if possible.

As a former employee of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, I take great pride in learning from whom I consider to be paramount in providing exceptional customer service. And while I can’t comp a Georgia Tech student’s tuition if they are unhappy with a certain service I provide, I do have the opportunity each and every day to provide unparalleled customer service and an unforgettable experience for every Georgia Tech guest.