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2 weeks 1 hour ago

As academic event planners, the New Year is time for us to take a breather and reflect on the upcoming semester. It’s important for us to keep our cyclical events fresh and unique, year after year. We have devoted some time to rounding up our favorite trend predictions for 2016 in event planning.

4 weeks 3 days ago
Serena Wallace
Special Events and Protocol Blog

Each year, we all participate in performance review. It can be a difficult task to create goals that are SMART and reflect where we want to be in 2017. Events can be a particularly challenging goal as many of the variables are outside of our control. To help current and future planners with incorporating events into their performance evaluation, members of the ECN Strategic Planning committee have created a list of suggestions.

10 weeks 1 day ago
Laura Pusateri
Special Events and Protocol Blog

Whether your event is for 50 or 500 people, you need a raw space or refined setting, you prefer a underground clubhouse or a 360-degree view of the city, or you want to be inside or outside, you can find a great venue in the same building at Tech Square.

The new Square on Fifth (SQ5) tower opened this August and is where over 640 Georgia Tech students call home. Nestled in three of the 25 floors are five new venues, all of which you can rent through Sandbox ATL, the exclusive booking agent. 

10 weeks 3 days ago
Laura Pusateri
Special Events and Protocol Blog

ECN 7th Annual Workshop – What’s Your Story?
Presented by Katie Huie

What’s Your Story? How do you write it? How do you connect with others? How can you be more creative? And, how does your story emulate your brand? Those are the questions Katie Huie, senior manager of new product innovation at Elavon, posed to our workshop attendees during her keynote address at this year’s ECN workshop.

10 weeks 3 days ago
Serena Wallace

ECN Workshop: Grape Expectations

Presented by  Mina Holliday and LaLeeta Pitts

For our plenary session during the ECN 7th Annual Workshop, we discussed the in’s and out’s of alcohol. Starting with a mini-session on Georgia Tech policies, we then progressed into a tips and tricks class for picking the perfect pairing for your event.

10 weeks 3 days ago
Cara-Joy Wong

ECN Workshop: Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About
Presented by Tim Barrett

At this year’s 7th Annual ECN Workshop: Every Event Tells a Story, Tim Barrett, sales manager at Bold American Events, spoke to our group about what it takes to “give them something to talk about”.

10 weeks 3 days ago
Birney Roberts

ECN Workshop: A Picture Says 1,000 Words

Presented by Zach Porter

Zach Porter is a social and corporate photographer who knows a thing or two about making good moments look like great ones. During the 7th Annual ECN Workshop, Zach shared his tips and tricks of the trade to capture the most from your event.


10 weeks 3 days ago
Olivia Watkins

ECN Workshop: LOL, BRB.. Planning to Promotion: How to Engage Your Students
Presented by Mallory McKenzie and Annahita Jimmerson

During the ECN’s 7th Annual Workshop: Every Event Tells a Story, Georgia State University Honor College’s assistant director of external relations, Mallory McKenzie, and director of communications, Annahita Jimmerson, discussed how to plan and promote student-specific events.

10 weeks 3 days ago
LaJauna Ellis

ECN Workshop: Thou Shall Not…The Do’s & Don’ts of Event Marketing and Communication
Presentd by Kelly Treadway

In the breakout session, “Thou Shall Not,” Kelly Treadway, owner of EventCurious provided the attendees with event communication and marketing tips from start to finish.  Kelly started off by introducing most of us to a new term, marcom: targeted interaction with your customers and prospects using one or more media, such as direct mail, electronic mail, newspapers and magazines, television, telemarketing, and the Internet.

14 weeks 1 day ago
Special Events and Protocol Blog

Living in Atlanta is fun…and busy. As you all know, there can be lots of things to do, events, and festivals in a weekend. Sometimes, our campus can feel like a little bubble inside the bustling city; however, as an event planner, it is worthwhile knowing what is going on inside the city, especially if your guests need hotel rooms or transportation.

As the economy picks up, hoteliers and event venues are predicting a busy year for 2016. Below are some dates that may be considered high demand (i.e., high rates or no availability) due to events occurring in Atlanta: