Serena Wallace

The Power of Pinterest

Pinterest is another site in the social media wave that allows users to save and organize pictures they find online.

Making Events Personal

As budgets decrease and participation increases, event planners know the struggle to create unique events that “wow” participants.

Event Emergency Supply List and Summer Break

As you may have noticed, we have been on a break for the past few weeks as spring events wrapped up and our calm summer began.

Student Assistants: Help Them Help You

We should all give student assistants more credit.

Making the Most of It: The Conference Experience

In these times of increasingly conservative budgets where conference attendance approval can no longer be taken for granted, it’s imperative to make the most of your experience.

Back to Basics

This semester, I faced the challenge of planning Fall Commencement. It was difficult, stressful, and I would do it again in a heartbeat—all because of the simple gestures of others.

Safety First

Planning events is an exercise in crisis management. When a VIP guest attends without an RSVP or a vendor arrives late (or not at all!), the problem falls to the event planner.

Winter Cleaning

It’s a new semester filled with new opportunities. The next few weeks are often the calm before the storm for event planners on campus.

Mind Your Manners

With Halloween officially complete, the holiday season is in full swing. It's a time for celebrating and gathering with friends, family and loved ones.

Game Day Events

The Georgia Tech campus comes alive on game days.


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