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Building Your Event Supply Closet, Part 2: Upkeep Costs

As my event supply closet series continues, I want to discuss the hidden costs of items. We all clearly see the initial item cost but can forget to calculate the maintenance.

Building Your Event Supply Closet

One of the challenges that event planners across campus have mentioned is not having ready access to event supplies. To complicate matters, many of us are limited by budgets and storage space.

Back to School: Georgia Tech Edition

The start of new semester continues to inspire my professional development side.

Back to School Classes for the Event Planner

Lower temperatures and longer lines in the Student Center can mean only one thing—the start of fall semester. Welcome back everyone!

Keynote Speaker: Rising to the Next Level

This year, the Event Coordinators’ Network welcomed Jim Hooker, cofounder of

Excellence through Design and Décor

The keynote speaker at this year’s Event Coordinators’ Workshop, Mr.

Excel Tips for the Event Planner

While there is plenty of specialty software on the market for event planners, at Georgia Tech a lot of our work is done in Microsoft Excel. That does not have to be a bad thing, though.

Three Things You Should Be Doing at Your Event

When planning and executing an event, it is easy to overlook some of the simpler items.  In this post, I wanted to highlight a few simple actions that event planners should make a habit at all

Event Volunteering – your next networking opportunity

Networking is an important part of career growth and advancement. While we all recognize that we need to do it, our busy schedules often limit our opportunities.

Do I need a CMP?

I think the only three letters I dread more than TBD are CMP.


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