I Have a Question...

Updated: February 26, 2015

No matter how many years of event experience one may have under his or her belt, there will always be questions. Whom do I contact? Is there a more efficient way to execute this plan? Can someone remind me of that linen size?

At Georgia Tech, the answer to your question may require a bit more digging due to all the resources, locations, and options we have available. Below is a quick guide for finding answers to your more common questions:

Visit the Special Events Website

The Special Events & Protocol website is designed to be a resource for campus planners to find answers to their questions. Be sure to check out Special Events Toolbox for template and sample documents and the Institute Event Policy page to brush up on campus policy. 

Download the Campus Resource List

The Campus Resource List contains of the many resources and event-related contacts throughout campus. From entertainment like Buzz and music groups to essential event elements including recycling, risk management, staging and transportation, you should find the name of the person you are looking for.

Hiring an Off-site caterer

If you are looking to hire someone outside of GT Catering you can find a list of the approved caterers on the Policy Library website.

Email events@comm.gatech.edu

You don’t need a major event to contract our services. We also answer quick questions through email, phone, or consultations ranging from a vendor recommendation to full-scale planning.