Virtual EMS


Virtual EMS: Your online event space assistant

Updated: February 26, 2015

Georgia Tech is by no means a small campus. For event planners, this can work in your favor as it opens up a plethora of possible venues. The Virtual EMS, or Event Management System, allows staff members across campus to view and reserve many of the classrooms, event spaces, and banner displays available to them. 

The mere quantity of choices is daunting at first, but “Filter” is your friend. Use this feature to limit space options based on the date, the number of people, or even equipment needs.

By selecting “Browse Events” from the top menu, users can take a calendar view of room reservations across campus. This is a great tool for staging budget-conscious events that may need to be teamed with another department to share resources for back-to-back events.

Another great feature of the Virtual EMS is the extensive room information. Click on room names to view photos and equipment lists and save a walk across campus. To see the maximum capacity, select “Features” under the Setup Types tab.

If you are still running into difficulties with the system, Virtual EMS offers two help pages. In-depth questions with picture guides can be found under the Help link with the question mark icon.  There you can view the complete user’s manual for Virtual EMS. For general questions, head over to the Frequently Asked Questions page. This is also where you can find a listing of contacts for each event space. If you ever experience a problem related to booking event space not using the Virtual EMS system, get in touch with the venue contact.

To book a space not listed on Virtual EMS, review the Campus Space section on the Special Events & Protocol page for a list of venues and contacts.