Music Options at Georgia Tech


Need a musical group to provide entertainment for your next event? Look no farther than our own campus resources. We’ve researched various instrumental, vocal, and a cappella ensembles and have listed them below, including their contact information and applicable video clips. This list, along with other entertainment and spirit options, can be found on the Institute Special Events & Protocol website.


School of Music Instrumental Ensembles:

Marching/Pep Band – This 365-member group features wind, brass, and percussion instruments and performs at football and basketball games. They bring spirit to our sporting events as our athletes take on the opposing team. Contact Christopher Moore for more information.

Concert Band – Made up of approximately 65-85 students and featuring wind, brass, and percussion instruments. The Concert Band contact is Andrea Brown.

Wind Ensemble – Consists of approximately 60-65 advanced student musicians in wind instruments. Contact Benjamin Diden for more information.

Symphony Orchestra – Maintains a student membership of 80-90 participants. The orchestra plays a range of music, from Classical to contemporary. Andrea Brown is their contact. You can view a video of a performance here:

Chamber Ensembles – Consists of musicians who play piano, woodwind, brass, and string instruments in duet, quartet, or quintet ensembles. Contact Andrea Brown for more information.

Percussion & MIDI Ensembles – Provides student percussionists with a plethora of musical experiences and opportunities, focusing mainly on traditional styles of jazz, contemporary, and popular music. MIDI is an electronically triggered device that creates music as well as lighting effects. Membership is limited and students must audition to participate. Contact Christopher Moore for information.

Sonic Generator – A core group comprising some of Atlanta’s top musicians, who are changing the way music is composed, performed, and heard. The Sonic Generator is located at Georgia Tech and was founded in 2006. For more information, please visit


School of Music Vocal Ensembles:

Chorale – Georgia Tech’s largest mixed ensemble to date, open to all students. Faculty and staff of Tech, as well as residents of Midtown Atlanta, also may join. Dr. Jerry Ulrich is the contact for Chorale.

Chamber Choir – Made up of all-state level vocalists who have extensive backgrounds in choral singing. Dr. Jerry Ulrich is the contact. A video of a performance can be found here:

Men’s Glee Club – The oldest Glee Club in the country, the South, and on the campus of Georgia Tech. The Glee Club is one of the first organizations to record the famous “Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech.” Dr. Jerry Ulrich is the contact. To view a performance visit here:

Women’s Chorus – The Women’s Chorus is an extracurricular group, made up of the Chorale and Chamber Choir jointly. The group is directed by Dr. Melissa Arasi of Performing Arts for the Cobb County Schools.


Other Student Musical Groups:

G.I.F.T.E.D. – A Christian organization dedicated to ministering the Word of God through song and praise. Contact Alexandria Skeete for more information.

Infinite Harmony – A mix of vocalists singing a cappella from Georgia Tech. Contact the group at or visit their website:

Nothin’ But Treble – An all-female a cappella group at Georgia Tech. Contact Bethany Hatcher for more information. To sample a performance you can view this video:

Sympathetic Vibrations – More commonly known as “SympVibes,” this all-male a cappella group performs mostly classic rock and pop music hits. Contact their business manager at or visit there website at

Taal Tadka – Georgia Tech’s South Asian, fusion a cappella group. Contact or visit their website at for more information. They also have a video of a performance here:


Written by Renee Brown