Planning a Georgia Tech Event Outside of Georgia Tech


An important part of planning any Georgia Tech event is keeping “Georgia Tech” in the event. This can include logos, official fonts, Institute representations, etc. Many of us plan events on Tech’s campus, which of course makes this portion of our jobs much easier. But, for those who plan events outside campus, how do you keep “Georgia Tech” in your off-campus event?

For the past year and a half, I have planned approximately forty-two alumni events surrounding the $1.5 billion fundraising campaign, and absolutely none of them were held on campus. My events were held in Miami, New York, Boston, San Francisco, London, Chicago, Dallas, Paris, Phoenix, etc. Being on the road definitely has its limits when it comes to being able to fully and confidently plan a well-executed event, but adding the need to really show off Georgia Tech to alumni who may have not stepped onto campus in more than a decade really makes things difficult. 

Luckily, I am armed with a few amazing tools for bringing Georgia Tech with me on the road. First, we have two beautiful stand-up banners designed by Communications & Marketing. The Tech Tower banners stand about seven feet tall and really dress up our registration area and podium. Granted, carting these banners around is not easy, but they make a wonderful presentation. We also bring a beautiful gold “Campaign Georgia Tech” tablecloth that really stands out to our guests as they arrive. Each venue is different, but getting to bring a few visually compelling pieces really makes a difference.

When it comes to inserting a little bit of Tech into your off-campus event, it can be subtle, like a rolling slideshow of campus shots running on the projector prior to the presentation or a small megaphone and gold and white pompom on a table. If you want to go big, have the Georgia Tech fight song playing over the speakers while people enter the room. It’s not always possible, but having student representation at your event is a wonderful way to bring Georgia Tech into the room! These students can be in the form of a musician or group of musicians, Student Ambassadors, Buzz, or even the Ramblin’ Reck Club with car in tow.

You have a lot of options of how to incorporate Georgia Tech into any event. Don’t worry if you don’t have a large budget to purchase banners or tablecloths; check within your college or department to see if they have any resources you could borrow for your event. Sharing our materials is the best way to present a cohesive Georgia Tech event! Just remember, we are all one Georgia Tech, and it’s important that our guests know why they are in attendance and who they are there to support. 

Written by Julie Hawkins