Three Things You Should Be Doing at Your Event

When planning and executing an event, it is easy to overlook some of the simpler items.  In this post, I wanted to highlight a few simple actions that event planners should make a habit at all of their events but are easy to neglect.

Take Pictures

Floor plan diagrams and memory only go so far when it comes to remembering a previous setup. By taking pictures of your event, you can instantly show a vendor what you do (or do not) want your space to look like. I often reference pictures during a setup to keep a consistent look and remember what collateral was used in a space.

Keep Notes

Many of us remember to write down notes and impressions after an event, but those notes should not be your first. As things happen or you receive feedback from the crowd, make a note! Not only will it help you with your post-event survey, it can also show you how many bumps occurred during the event.

Watch the Clock

Timing is everything and events are no exception. Try to keep track during the event of how long things took from speeches to moving the crowd. It’s easy to make up numbers in our head but it’s no substitute for real data.

By making these three simple actions a habit, an event planner can build a solid knowledge base for planning future events.