Back to School Classes for the Event Planner

Lower temperatures and longer lines in the Student Center can mean only one thing—the start of fall semester. Welcome back everyone! To kick off the new school year, I wanted to feature some on-campus resources for event planners to get some new skills this semester. Here are a few on-campus and low-cost ways to expand your event-planning skills.

Enhance Your Computer Skills with Lynda

This semester, Georgia Tech began offering Lynda to all faculty, staff, and students. Lynda is an online subscription library that teaches the latest software tools and skills through instructional videos. Lynda has a wide variety of courses available including Microsoft, Adobe, and Google products. Want to pick up some new tricks for your operating system (Mac or PC)? They’ve got that. Need to learn what a tweet is? Social media is also covered. For a full listing of courses by software, check out their full list.  For access information, visit

Take a Training Class with OHR

Have you recently browsed the Office of Human Resources class listings? New classes are being offered all the time! Be sure to check the list once a month to see if there is anything that interests you. While many of the courses will not have events in the title, they can still be great classes for an event planner. Personally, I think anyone working large events should be trained in CPR and first-aid basics. It is a skill you never hope to use, but will be happy to have in an emergency situation. Some classes that caught my “events” eye in the upcoming semester include:

*Author's Note: These class listings are from the blog post's publication date in August 2012. For the newest offerings and class listings, be sure to visit the current course offering list.

Look for Online Webinars

I love a good webinar. These training sessions cost significantly less than flying to a conference, and you have the opportunity to invite other co-workers or departments to the event to make the most of any associated fees. This month, the International Special Events Society (ISES) announced a partnership with the Event Leadership Institute to roll out approved webinars to augment their growing class listings.  More good events-related webinars can also be found at:

There are a host of sources to expand your events education. For even more options, be sure to read the re-cap article on Professional Organizations at our Event Coordinators’ Network Workshop.

Where have you gone or what have you done to expand your professional education?