Forms of Address for Institute Leadership

Throughout the course of this upcoming academic year, you will most likely plan a myriad of events for various target audiences, where Institute leaders will be invited. Even if you interact with the leaders on a regular basis, it's sometimes confusing to determine how you should refer to them in printed programs, on nametags, or within your seating charts. Do they prefer to go with their formal names, or will their title and last name suffice? If they are alums, do they want to include their class year on their nametag?

These questions and many others prompted us to develop a forms of address document that can be used as a point of reference for campus event planners. While we'll always caution you to reach out to your VIP's or leadership member's direct point of contact for verification, this template can be used as a general accepted form in your initial planning. Throughout the course of the semester, we plan to augment this resource with other templates and documents that you can use during your event planning.

Please refer to our Standards and Protocol page for this document and additional resources relating to event standards and expectations. As always, continue to let us know what resources you need to achieve excellence in your next event planning endeavor.