Back to School: Georgia Tech Edition

The start of new semester continues to inspire my professional development side. While my last article focused on going back to school as an event planner, this article will focus on brushing up on all things Georgia Tech.

As an event planner, we often talk with a variety of different people as we plan events with diverse goals. Being familiar with the university will make us better ambassadors to our guests and provide us with more resources in our toolbox. If I was creating a required reading list at Georgia Tech, here's what I would have on it.

1) Read the Strategic Plan

This is the future of our university and a guide to help us determine priorities. We are all on this journey together. If you have not read it, then you've lost your road map.

2) Watch the Institute Address

Did you miss it this past Tuesday? You can still go back and watch it on the President's website. The Institute Address shares where we've been and where we are headed in the near future.  If the Strategic Plan is our road map, then the Institute Address acts as a landmark to guide us.

3) Explore the Georgia Tech Website…Again

How long has it been since you last explored the website?  Departments have been hard at work updating and adding new content for people on and off-campus. A few of my favorite pages I missed the first time around include:

4) Read At Least One Georgia Tech Article a Week

What makes Georgia Tech so special is what we do here- for our students, our staff and faculty and the world through our research. I'm not asking you to learn about all of the research projects at GTRI, but I will challenge you to learn our major areas of research. The article can be from the Daily Digest, the News Room, or Buzzwords over at the Alumni Association. Either way, part of learning who we are is learning more about what we do here.