Building Your Event Supply Closet

One of the challenges that event planners across campus have mentioned is not having ready access to event supplies. To complicate matters, many of us are limited by budgets and storage space. For my next miniseries, I’ll discuss décor ideas that bend to a variety of budgets.

Pick a Focal Point
If you do not have enough in your budget to decorate an entire space, pick one point of focus and pour your resources into that. When guests enter the room, their eyes will instantly be drawn to this area. Your focal point should be where your food is or where the action is taking place. Some of my favorite examples from Atlanta Occasions that lend themselves to the focal point concept include an April showers party, a green and yellow baby shower, a pink and blue dessert table, a purple sweet shoppe, and a green dessert table.

Find Your Inner Martha Stewart
While planning an event, the last thing you have time for is creating your own centerpieces, but a little elbow grease can go a long way with a small budget. Although I would not suggest making centerpieces for your 300-person dinner, I would recommend creating one great centerpiece for your ten-person lunch. Check out some ideas on easy centerpieces
In lieu of a big centerpiece, you can also make personal place settings for your guests with numbers, letters, or photos. Another example would be using blueprints as placemats; if your meeting revolves around a building opening, for instance, your placemats could be blueprints of that space.

Harness the Power of Pinterest
Pinterest, if you have not heard about it yet, is an online pinboard that can be used like a virtual bookmark. As you see images you like on the Internet, you can pin them to one of the boards you have created. You can also search Pinterest for photos that others have pinned. If you have not explored the site yet, I highly suggest giving it a chance. It is a remarkable way to discover and remember décor ideas. You can search for terms like yellow events and events décor.