Baffled by Raffles

I’ve always been confused as to whether or not raffles can be conducted on campus. Some colleagues have cautioned that they shouldn’t be—per Institute policy—while others seem to raffle off items at all their events. So, if raffles are allowed, how do we obtain approval?
To answer this, I think it’s important to clarify what a raffle is—an activity in which participants buy a chance to win an item or service. For example, if I ask you to pay $1.00 for a ticket, which will be placed in a jar, among several others, from which one will be randomly selected for a prize of an iPad, this is a raffle. On the other hand, if I were to ask you to place your name in a bowl for a chance to win the iPad—but no money is exchanged, this would be a door prize drawing. I’ve arranged door prizes at many events in several different ways: from having an attendee in a certain seat win the centerpiece, to giving away donated prizes to workshop participants as a thank you for their attendance.
At Georgia Tech, door prizes are permitted and do not need approval; however, if you plan to organize a raffle, you must apply for a raffle license from the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office at least thirty days prior to your event. For more information on this process, visit the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office’s website.
Thank you to the Event Logistics Committee for clearing up this question for me. And, if any of you are raffling off an iPad in the near future, let me know!