Winter Cleaning

It’s a new semester filled with new opportunities. The next few weeks are often the calm before the storm for event planners on campus. By using this time to be proactive, you can set yourself up for success later in the year.

Update your calendar and your coworkers’ calendars.

Events do not happen overnight. Take the time at the start of the semester to map your deadlines, so you will stay on track. No detail is too small! In cases involving others in your department or across campus, send an email to the relevant players informing them of the deadlines. Early communication is key to preventing future emergencies.

Update your contacts.

It’s easy to let your contact list slide out of date, but it is one of your most important tools! Set aside small bits of time throughout the week to purge, update, and create contacts. Zimbra allows users to maintain multiple groups; take the time now to categorize your contacts based on location or function. (I keep my off-campus vendors separate from on-campus contacts, for example.)

Clean up your folders.

We’re all guilty of saving multiple versions of one document, but do you really need every version now that the event is over? Before you start adding to the pile, whether on your desk or desktop, look at what you have—and keep only what’s necessary! Clean out your physical files and store records of older events in another location to make room for the next batch. As you go through your folders as part of this cleanup process, review your notes to find ways of improving your event planning!