Equipment Rental 101

Typically, I’ve found in cases where I’ve had to rent equipment that the caterers or third-party vendors are able to order the tables and linens once they understand the event details. However, to maintain control of what’s fiscally prudent and to ensure that the equipment will complement the venue and the occasion, it is helpful to have a working knowledge of the various options.

The following post will focus on table rental and is the first in a two-part series on equipment rental.

Table Providers/Vendors

On campus, Brandon Ford in Staging can assist with 6’ rectangular and 60’’ round tables. He does not charge for table and chair rental, but he does charge a delivery, installation, and pickup fee.

Off-campus registered vendors can provide additional table options. We have used the following companies:

  • Classic Party Rentals, Shannon Pike: 404.351.9222
  • Peachtree Tents and Events, James Nesmith: 404.574.6655
  • TLC Rents: 404.723.0051


Table Options and Seating Configurations

Table Size Seating Configurations Approximate Cost
72" Round Casual 12/Formal 10 $12.00
60" Round Casual 10/Formal 8 $9.00
48" Cocktail Round Casual 8/Formal 6 $8.00
30" Cocktail Round Casual 4/Formal 2 $8.00
36" Highboy Standing Area for Guests $15.00
30" Highboy Standing Area for Guests $14.00
8' Rectangular Seats 10 or used for setup $8.00
6' Rectangular Seats 8 or used for setup $8.00


Table Rental Reminders

  • Delivery, installation, and pickup charges will likely be added to your order, so be sure to request an itemized account of all charges so you can review the breakdown of costs and double-check the total.
  • Linens should always be draped over rental tables being used for registration, dining, etc.
  • For receptions, consider whether your guests might prefer to stand or sit while eating. If it’s the latter, think about adding cocktail rounds to the setup.