That Special Touch


Is it summer yet??!!?? We know you all have been very busy, as have we in Special Events & Protocol; therefore, our blog has taken a short hiatus until summer. However, I would be remiss if I didn't highlight a wonderful example of customer service and attention to detail I witnessed a few weeks ago. At the Dean Griffin Day Luncheon, each guest was greeted to an individually wrapped goodie, adorned with a handwritten thank you from the Student Ambassadors. These special students, who at the time were engrossed with finals preparations, papers, and projects, took the time to personally thank over 250 faculty and staff for their dedication to teaching. This small act of thanks made a big impression on me and my colleagues at my table. The Student Ambassadors demonstrated a simple lesson that I think we can all keep in mind as we plan our events - taking time to create a personalized experience can yield some of the largest rewards.