Making Events Personal

As budgets decrease and participation increases, event planners know the struggle to create unique events that “wow” participants. The answer does not always have to be big décor — such as acrobats, pin-spot lighting, and oversized florals — but to make the event a personal experience with wisely spent dollars.

Know Their Name

Cost: Your time

How do you let a guest know they are not just another face in the crowd? You welcome them to the event by saying “Hello, Mr. Smith,” when they first walk in the door. During our ECN Workshop last year, keynote speaker Jim Hooker discussed how he trains his staff and volunteers to know their guest list in advance.  It’s a simple way to make a big impression and connect better with your guests. 

Brand Your Event

Cost: $$-$$$

Never miss out on a branding opportunity at your event in the smaller items. What are some things everyone would have?

·      Water bottle

·      Coaster

·      Pen

·      Notepad

·      Folder

There is a plethora of websites you can get these materials from. Our office favorite is Promo Entertainment Group (“We can put your logo on anything!”), but a quick Internet search can yield plenty of sites that offer this service, even for smaller events.

Stick It

Cost: $

For the group that does not know what they wish to brand, wants to brand something unique, or just wants to keep costs down, you can always create a sticker for your event to put on anything. If using logos, you will have to work with GT Licensing & Trademarks to make sure your vendor is approved and follows our guidelines.  The lower cost allows you to order an appropriate quantity for your event and to incorporate more personalization (date, location, names, etc.).  To see the possibilities, check out the blog, My Own Idea. They also have a shop side for purchasing ideas that you like.