The Power of Pinterest

Pinterest is another site in the social media wave that allows users to save and organize pictures they find online. Do not let its simple format fool you; Pinterest is a powerful event planning tool to discover new ideas and refresh old ones.

Find Your Next Big Thing

Google is the search engine king, but text is not always enough to describe the look of an event. That’s where Pinterest comes in. The sites has its own internal search which can be filtered by image description, board name or username. Weddings dominate event-related searches, but as the site grows so does its portfolio of events.

When searching for a new idea, experiment with your terms. For example, “navy flowers” will generate flowers for tables and flowers on clothing. Refine your search to “navy décor” and house items will appear. Using the terms “navy centerpieces” or “navy event décor” will return event-related results.

Follow the Leader

The best way to find new ideas is to follow people who share your interests. Pins they liked will appear on your main page without you ever having to search. There are plenty of ways to find new boards or people to follow:

·      Search for board topics instead of pins in your search box

·      Like a pin? View their board on the right to see what else they’ve pinned. You may like the whole board. You can also scroll down below the pin to see other boards it’s on.

·      Search for websites or individuals that you like. More websites are creating Pinterest accounts. The Special Events & Protocol team follows Georgia State University Events, Plan Ahead Meetings, Occasions Magazine, and the Historic Academy of Medicine to name a few.

·      View the following/followers list of pinners that you like. We did not know Georgia State had a Pinterest, but we viewed the followers list for Oregon State University Events and saw our neighbor.

Follow Us On Pinterest

The Office of Special Events & Protocol has a Pinterest page. We hope you follow along to share your ideas and view other university boards.

Our office would love to share pictures of YOUR events. Email your pictures for us to upload to our Pinterest page or send us a link of your pictures already online.