Georgia Tech Student Ambassadors

As an event and meeting planner, you can only be in one place at a time, but there are always several things going on at once. On and off campus, the Georgia Tech Ambassadors are an invaluable resource for additional assistance at all types of events. The Ambassadors are a group of professionally motivated students who represent the student body as official hosts of the Institute; they are housed in the Campus Relations department in the Georgia Tech Alumni Association. GT Ambassador members are chosen because they represent great leadership, hospitality, and effective communication skills. To leverage GT Ambassador support at an event, it is important to remember five tips:

1. Communication: If possible, communicate with the Ambassadors prior to the event to introduce yourself and give a quick rundown of the duties expected.  Let them know you are available if they have any questions or changes. Also, be clear with instructions and provide as much information as possible. On the day of the event, instruct the Ambassadors to arrive early to run through the event and expectations. 
2. Be specific: Remember that Ambassadors are not event professionals. Be specific with your instructions. 
3. Be intentional: Student Ambassadors are eager to learn and are very enthusiastic; encourage Ambassadors to stay and network with event attendees, if possible. Communicate with Ambassadors about who is attending the event and what are the topics being discussed. 
If you are able to facilitate an Ambassador meeting a potential employer or mentor, it is a win-win situation for everyone.
4. Feed them: If you are serving food at your event, remember to offer food to your Ambassadors.  Depending on the length of the event, plan to have additional water or snacks for your Ambassadors.   
5. Thank them: While the Ambassadors are dedicated to service, it is important to thank them after the event. People who feel appreciated are likely to volunteer their time again. Sending a personalized thank you note or email is easy and a thoughtful gesture.

For more information on the Georgia Tech Ambassador program or to request Ambassadors for your next event, visit or call the GT Ambassador’s Advisor, Deidra Smith, at 404.894.2391. 
Happy planning!