Resolve to Truly Resolve

The beginning of the new year always energizes me. Albeit sad to see the revelries of the holiday season pass, I approach each new year with awe and wonder, eager for the chance to improve and become a better me. Then January 5 hits, and I’ve most likely reverted to the needs-improvement, can’t-stay-organized, feels-behind-the-eight-ball self of years past. And if you feel as I do, we aren’t alone – studies show that fewer than 10 percent of us actually keep the resolutions we so passionately profess on January 1. Not so energizing, right?

In 2014 I hope to change and become one of the 10 percent. In 2014 I affirm to reach my resolutions by sending them out into public. In 2014 I will work more efficiently, and here’s how:

Manage my email

I find that cleaning out my inbox every day brings me delight and satisfaction, yet leaves me no time to focus on larger projects. This year, I will carve out portions of my day for email, leaving the rest for larger projects that will have a lasting impact.

Have my calendar work for me

I use my calendar for meetings, but never to help organize my day (that’s what to-do lists scribbled on post-its are for, right?). In addition to the decrease in email usage, I plan to schedule project time on my calendar, so I see where I need to allot chunks of time during the day to specific tasks.

Reallocate my time

A lot of my job is relationship building, which energizes me and is one of the best parts of my routine. However, it can also become unwieldy if not managed. In 2014 I plan to assess the day ahead and allot time to each activity when I know I will be at my best. I find that I am at my best in the morning; therefore, I need to work on project proposals, communication plans, and checklists when I first arrive at work. Phone calls and check-ups with colleagues should be moved toward the end of the day when I have less acuity. 

Be more strategic

Do I really need to attend every meeting or can someone else go in my stead and give me a report? Do I need to focus on a larger project that will reap greater rewards instead of more minute tasks? This year I plan to better prioritize and think “bigger-picture” in order to reach my goals. A large part of this will be achieved by undergoing a strategic planning exercise for the Event Coordinators’ Network. I’m excited to share with you the steps of this process as the months unfold. 

What do you resolve to do in 2014? How will you reach your goals?