ECN Strategic Plan update

Last December, we engaged in a process with our colleagues in the Office of Strategic Consulting to develop a strategic plan that will guide us through the next three to five years. Since the announcement in early spring, much has occurred and will continue to transpire until our presentation of the plan at our annual workshop in November. Similar to the ongoing process for the Institute’s Strategic Plan, we feel it important to update you on our progress and provide an idea of what will occur in the following months.

Why do we need a strategic plan?

Membership in the ECN is at an all-time high, with 350 members and growing. When surveyed, members continually cite a myriad of professional development opportunities for which they’d like more information, as well as a need to feel like a more organized community. Since the ECN is a network of volunteers maintaining the responsibilities of the organization in addition to their primary job responsibilities, a strategic plan is needed to identify a more focused approach to programming and development. We aspire for the ECN to serve as a model for university event planners across the nation and need a roadmap that will help us realize that vision.

What have we done?

Under the direction of Strategic Consulting, we have:

  • Established a steering committee comprised of seven ECN members
  • Conducted an ECN SWOT analysis
  • Conducted a survey amongst vital internal and external customer stakeholders
  • Held interviews with key members of the Georgia Tech community, including steering committee members’ supervisors, executive leaders, event operational contacts, and ECN member supervisors
  • Utilized the data collected to develop goals and strategies for the plan
  • Created a task force of interested ECN members who will focus on tactic development for the strategic plan

What’s left to do?

This week, task force members will participate in a half-day workshop where they will begin the process of formulating tactics, which will be used to measure success toward our goals. Later in July, the task force will reconvene to formalize tactics and make any additional recommendations. The steering committee will then finalize the plan and present its contents to ECN members and interested parties.

You’re excited, right?

We hope so, as the development and execution of this plan will ensure the vitality and success of the ECN for many years to come! While the task force has been established, there will be many ways to become more involved with the organization as the plan is implemented. Email us if you are interested in being a part of the team.