Today's Top Event Trends

One reason I enjoy the events profession is the industry’s constant change. Tastes evolve, business needs shift, and it all comes together to allow event planners to try new ideas at old-hat events. With a summer of blog reading under my belt, here’s my take on the industry’s top trends and some predictions for the future.

Being Green

This trend has officially shifted into event staple, but blogs continue to cover the topic, so I will too. Making an event green can be a theme or a planning strategy, which also requires planners to practice versatility in execution. As companies go more green, the events that represent them need to share the charge.  The most common side effects of green events are less paper, locally sourcing items, and choosing venues that are energy efficient.

Event Apps

The use of events apps to engage audiences is higher than ever. To make it harder, there are more apps every day. Depending on your app, you can poll your audience, share profiles of attendees, provide schedules, or start a chat room. Unless you are hosting a large event over multiple days, many of the apps could be overkill for your needs. You are also requiring your guests to have a smart phone and download another program that they have to learn.

Interactive Food

The industry may never turn away from the large plated meal, but food presentation is changing. Meals are becoming more about bites and interactive with chef stations that allow people to customize (and not just ask for a slice of roast beef). To provide more options, caterers and planners are looking at having smaller portions so guests can choose their favorites. More samples means it can be easier to meet various dietary needs and flavor preferences without calling attention to those individuals.