Georgia Tech Homecoming



The conclusion of another successful Homecoming week provides the perfect opportunity to give a re-cap of all the big events associated with this great Tech tradition. As one of the Homecoming chairs for my sorority, I have an insider’s perspective on the things that matter most to win!

Homecoming is an annual weeklong tradition of silly events, friendly rivalries, and lots of excitement and hard work. Every day there are different events, each in some way tying back to the overall Homecoming theme. This year, the theme is “Lost in the AtlanTECH.” While many events — such as Dizzy Bat and Egg Toss — don’t require any more preparation than showing up, there are also some more involved events throughout the week.


Pomp is a creative event that every organization participates in throughout the week. Each team creates a frame made of chicken wire that they then stuff with colored tissue paper to complete a design that relates to the theme. For example, this year Phi Mu created a 3D sandcastle that resembled Tech Tower, 3D Buzz swinging on a massive anchor, and lots of fun 3D friends to display in front of the pomped water background. Outsiders to Georgia Tech’s traditions may find the pomp around campus a little overwhelming; however, I think it is a really creative way to get everyone excited for the Homecoming festivities.

Mock Rock

Mid-week, teams competed in the annual Mock Rock event. To participate, teams had to choreograph a five-minute dance to music and create a storyline and background stage pieces. With creative costumes and catchy music, this is a fan favorite year after year. Students line up for hours for a chance to get a ticket to be a spectator, as the dances are often elaborate and the storylines entertaining. This is by far one of the more competitive events of the week.

Mini 500

Finally, we have the mini-500. One of the more publicized activities of the week, this event consists of a 10-lap tricycle race around Peter’s parking deck in teams of four. There are team T-shirts, hundreds of fans surrounding the racetrack, and pit crews, making this one of the more over-the-top events of Homecoming week. Teams prepare their tricycles up to a week ahead of time, altering the axels and wheels to better compete. This is definitely an event you don’t want to miss!

If you weren’t able to experience Homecoming this year, try to make a point of walking around campus next year and watching the goofy events, admiring the banners and pomp creations, and participating in the Ramblin’ Reck Parade the morning of game day. Homecoming is a Georgia Tech tradition you don’t want to overlook.