Let It Go


Let’s be honest — event planners are really hoarders. We hoard the details of our event in our head, and stuff our to-do list with items of various levels of importance.  But this blog article is your intervention to let it go.

I understand the panic of not holding all the cards. As planners, we value being in control as much as we love being the center of knowledge. Our guests and supervisors have the same expectation of us; we should be able to meet any challenge head-on because we know all the variables.

But until GTRI creates the technology for us to be in all places at once, planners need to stop hoarding and let it go. Look at your event and determine breaks that you can share among your team. Could an administrative assistant in your office print all your reserved seating cards? Maybe a colleague could assist you with creating your guest packets or setting a table. These little helps can make a big impact on your time. They also set you on the path of letting it go.

For larger events, divide and conquer your guest list. Let someone else collect your RSVPs or manage all of your VIP guests (who tend to be the most time consuming). Guest management is important, but so is your time to execute the event.


Letting go of your event elements is something we don’t preach often enough, but it allows us to grow as planners. Managing multiple staff members on a well-executed event will always look better on a resume than an overworked, unrested planner who has difficulty sharing. What are some ways you can delegate your event planning?