Event Planner Profile: Cuyler Beall

Cuyler Beall, one of our newest event coordinators at Georgia Tech, handles event coordination for the Bill Moore Student Success Center. We reached out to learn a little more about this Georgia Tech grad and why she feels it's ok to make a mistake every now and then.

Are there any new policies in the Student Success Center that you'd like for event planners to know about?

The policies and procedures in place have remained consistent over the past few years. As a refresher, we utilize a “3 Strike” policy in regards to “no shows” and organizations who do not follow facility guidelines. Once an organization earns three strikes, they are no longer permitted to use the facility event space in any capacity. We also abide by the campus-wide Georgia Tech Catering & Alcohol policies, so please be sure and adhere to these requirements.

Explain your typical workday.

A typical day for an Event Coordinator? You must be joking! I usually work a 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. schedule, however depending on event coverage availability, my schedule varies from day to day. My workday activities also vary greatly depending on the particular day and what type of events we have in house, however usually consist of a mix of the following:

  • Opening building at 7:30 a.m. and working on EMS reservation requests (A/V requests, event diagrams, etc.)
  • Contacting clients to confirm event details and update all event notes
  • Conducting site visits & walk-throughs
  • Working with all external clients who book event space
  • Managing all in-house events
  • Fielding all event phone calls and questions
  • Hiring/Training/Managing all student workers
  • Managing all building schedules, including event coverage
  • Assisting Building Manager with event space flips
  • Managing all events during home football games & stadium events                      
  • Attending weekly meetings with Wardlaw and Alumni Association building staff
Are there any things that can help guarantee the success of an event?

Communication, communication, communication! Keep me in the loop and updated on all event changes and details. Even the smallest change can create problems when it comes to an event running smoothly. The more I know, the better I’ll be prepared to handle the situation.  

What do you consider to be some of the best features in your space?

The President’s Suites are one of our most popular event spaces, and with multiple setup and sectioning options, this space can conform to any specific event need you may have. The suites offer a coveted interior view of the football stadium and are equipped with all standard A/V equipment. This summer, our President’s Suites will be renovated with new carpets, air walls, and an overall fresh look. Please make sure to stop by this fall and see the changes in person! 

What are the tips to best work with you in securing space in your venue?

If you have questions or you’re having trouble finding available space in EMS, pick up the phone and reach out to me! It may be something as simple as changing the parameters within your EMS search, or looking at a similar space that can accommodate the event. I am here to help and always willing to go through the reservation process with anyone. Please also keep in mind that our space fills up very fast and extremely far in advance. I encourage you to make your reservation requests as soon as you have an event date in mind. We’re already receiving space requests for Spring 2016!

What one piece of advice can you give new Georgia Tech event coordinators?

Don’t freak out when a small detail goes wrong, because it inevitably will. It never fails, no matter how well you plan and strategize, something is not going to go the way you wanted it to - it's ok! It’s not the end of the world. Learn to roll with it, accept it, and make the best of the situation. Trust me, your life will be a lot less stressful.

What are you most proud of in your career so far?

Prior to accepting my new position with Georgia Tech, I spent the last year of my career with Wolfgang Puck Catering at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. I assisted in the development of their event spaces and offerings, working closely with clients to plan and manage each event during the first year of operation. The opportunity was a wonderful experience and taught me more than I could ever imagine. The lure of coming home to work for my alma mater was too amazing to pass up, however I will always consider that experience one of the greatest in my career!

What is the best way to contact you?

Via cuyler.beall@scc.gatech.edu or 404.385.3495. Either is great!

What is one thing you’d like the event planners at Georgia Tech to know about you?

I’m a Georgia Tech graduate with a strong background in event planning and catering. I live in the East Atlanta Village with my husband Dave and our dog Heidi.