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ECN 6th Annual Workshop - Innovative Event Techniques and Ideas

William Fogler, principal and founder of WMEvents, presented his innovative event ideas focusing on five elements: budgets, branding, lighting, timing and shopping.

ECN 6th Annual Workshop - Designing a Successful Event

Event success doesn’t have to be hard; you just have to be consistent and follow a few simple steps.

ECN 6th Annual Workshop - Contract Negotiation: Keys to a Successful Contract

Do you have what it takes to negotiate a contract with a vendor? Do you think that you have to settle for the original proposal when planning a meeting or event?

ECN 6th Annual Workshop - Professional Floral Design

During the 6th Annual Event Coordinators’ Workshop: Designing for Excellence, many attendees participated in the professional floral design breakout session lead by Valarie Bell, a talented l

ECN 6th Annual Workshop - The Gold & White Honors Gala

During the ECN’s 6th Annual Workshop: Designing for Excellence, the Georgia Tech Alumni Association's Kara Petracek, vice president of Events and Campus Relations, and Mora H

Securing the Area: Planning for Advance Security Sweeps

Updated: March 2, 2015

Event Space: Hyatt Atlanta Midtown

This August, the ECN Summer Field Trip Series concluded its successful run with a visit to the Hyatt Atlanta Midtown.

Presenting Presentech

This year’s third outing in the ECN Summer Field Trip Series took us to Presentech, a Georgia Tech-approved printing vendor, located near campus.

Why I love Mailchimp (and you should too)

Why I love Mailchimp (and you should too)

Planning in quasquicentennial proportions

As event coordinators we understand planning, but what’s that five-syllable term succeeding it?


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