Securing the Area: Planning for Advance Security Sweeps

Updated: March 2, 2015

Why You Should Attend the ECN 6th Annual Workshop

The Event Coordinators’ Network Sixth Annual Workshop: Designing for Excellence, will take place on Wednesday, November 19, at the

Protocol Pointers - Part II

In the second of our two-part series, we'll address Chief of Protocol for the State of Georgia Abby Turano's best protocol resources and ideas for making a guest's vi

Protocol Pointers -Part I

Protocol Pointers – Part I

Meetings for Cross-Cultural Audiences

One of the advantages to being in a university setting is that we are surrounded by different cultures.

Forms of Address for Institute Leadership

Throughout the course of this upcoming academic year, you will most likely plan a myriad of events for various target audiences, where Institute leaders will be invited.

Keynote Speaker: Rising to the Next Level

This year, the Event Coordinators’ Network welcomed Jim Hooker, cofounder of

Best Practices and Policies

A successful event requires just as much behind-the-scenes work as décor and design consideration.

Tips for a Tipper

Throughout the past few months, we’ve focused a lot of attention on event management and planning. However, I don’t want to forget about the second piece to our name – protocol.

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