ECN Leadership Elections - Candidate Information

As a member of the Event Coordinators' Network, you are eligible to vote in the ECN leadership election. The election will close October 23, 2018. The bios and photos provided by the candidates are listed alphabetically within each category. Once the leadership positions are filled, members will be appointed to the roles of Workshop, Specialty Events, and Membership Chairs.

ECN President

Candidate Biography

Serena Wallace

Senior Institue Event Coordinator, Institute Communications
Serena Wallace is an Event Coordinator in Institute Communications who currently serves on ECN leadership as the Vice President. She has been involved in the organization since she came to Georgia Tech seven years ago and assisted with the creation of the strategic plan. Her event responsibilities include Commencement, New Student Convocation, and the Student Honors Celebration. 

ECN Vice President

Candidate Biography

Susan Ryan

Program and Operations Manager, Institute of Sustainable Systems
Susan Ryan is Program & Operations Manager for the Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems and coordinates events ranging from interdepartmental meetings to international workshops and conferences as well as all-campus events like Earth Day. She currently serves on the ECN leadership team as Communications Manager and has been active in ECN for over nine years on the Strategic Plan Task Force and the Communications, Workshop, Professional Education, and Specialty Events committees. Involvement with ECN has provided Susan with the opportunity to network with fellow event planners across campus and work to support the goals and vision of this organization.

ECN Communications Manager

Candidate Biography

Stephanie Sigler

Senior Institute Event Coordinator, Institute Communications
As an Event Coordinator within Institute Communications, Stephanie Sigler manages and plans Institute events, including the President’s Advisory Board (GTAB), When the Whistle Blows, and others.  Prior to Georgia Tech, Stephanie worked at Texas A&M, UCLA, and luxury brand hotels. Additionally, Stephanie has served as ECN Workshop chair and co-chairs for three ECN Workshops and the ECN Specialty Events chair. The ECN is an important part of Stephanie’s Georgia Tech experience. The ECN has allowed her to build and reinforce positive relationships across campus and represent Georgia Tech to our external constituents in the best way possible. Stephanie believes in the strategic vision of the ECN and is committed to the growth and development of the Georgia Tech event planning community.


Diana Tiernan

Administrative Professional III, Campus Sustainability
Diana Tiernan started at Georgia Tech in the President’s Office before moving to the Office of Campus Sustainability. An honors graduate from University of Georgia and current MBA student at Georgia State University, Diana has always had a passion for excellent communications and producing relatable, relevant, and timely content. She honed her communication skills through being the communications manager of a non-profit, and practices daily in her current role at Georgia Tech. Her experience includes newsletter writing and production, producing blog and website content, building social media accounts, and doing event photography.