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New Student Convocation Sophomore Welcome

The Convocation Sophomore Welcome began as a student initiative in 1995 and remains one of the highest honors a rising sophomore can receive. Each year an outstanding member of the current freshman class (rising sophomore class) is chosen by a committee of faculty and staff to deliver the Sophomore Welcome at Convocation. Selection of the sophomore speaker is based on a combination of the student's message to the first-year class, current GPA, and involvement at Georgia Tech.

The Sophomore Welcome should be approximately five minutes in length (500-600 words) and relate your first-year experiences to the incoming class. Applicants are encouraged to include his or her own feelings, reflections, and lessons learned, while also providing inspiration and direction to the first-year students. All submissions will be reviewed by a committee consisting of faculty and staff, who will select multiple finalists. Those finalists will then be asked to present a full version of their welcome to the committee. Once selected, the sophomore speaker is required to meet in-person with event organizers for final review prior to Convocation. All rising sophomores are encouraged to apply.

Sophomore Welcome Timeline

  • Wednesday, February 5 - Committee begins accepting applications
  • Friday, March 7 - Deadline for online submissions
  • Monday, March 24 - Finalists notification
  • March 24 - April 2 - Finalists auditions
  • Friday, April 11 - Sophomore speaker selection
  • April 14 - May 2 - Sophomore speaker meets with speech coaches
  • Sunday, August 17 - New Student Convocation, McCamish Pavilion, 5 - 6:15 p.m.

Previous Sophomore Speakers

  • 2013: Nicholas Selby
  • 2012: Alyssa Monserrate
  • 2011: Norquata Allen
  • 2010: Merry Hunter Hipp
  • 2009: Jeremy Feaster
  • 2008: Kristina Self
  • 2007: KC Young and Alina Staskevicius
  • 2006: George Ray
  • 2005: Eli Riddle
  • 2004: Laura Janet
  • 2003: Allison Passione
  • 2002: Steven Schneider
  • 2001: Cassie Pope
  • 2000: Sara Cames